How to grow

Seed Germination and Growing Instructions

Stage 1


Glycyrrhiza glabra seeds have very strong outer shell. It prevents water to penetrate seeds. Seeds may be in soil for many years and germinate then. To fasten this process and increase germination rate scarification is required. There are several methods of it, here we will discuss the simplest of all what we use in our own trials and tests. You will need following:

  1. Glycyrrhiza glabra seeds

  2. Sandpaper, whetstone or scarifying machine

Take the seeds and rub them on a sand paper, once you will see that seeds are rugged and scratched that is enough. There are scarifying machines available for large lots of seeds. If you don’t have such kind of equipment available then scarifying each seed around 45 seconds by hand is enough.

grow licorice

Stage 2


Scarified seeds have to be placed in water for around 3 hours. You will need following:

  1. Scarified seeds

  2. Bowl, pot or tin

  3. Thermometer

Fill up with any container or bowl with water. It is preferable that water has stayed in the container for several hours and is not poured directly from a tap as it may contain some chemical substances. Warm up water up to 35°C-40°C/95°F-104°F. Place scarified seeds of Glycyrrhiza glabra in warm water. Cover the container or do any other steps to maintain the constant temperature of 35°C- 40°C/95°F- 104°F. Leave the seeds in water for 3 hours. After 3 hours open the container and check the seeds. The seeds which have absorbed water will be 3-4 times larger than the original size of the seeds. Carefully remove the seeds from the water, do not crush the seeds. Hold them gently. From this point you can directly plant them in soil.

licorice seed

Stage 3


Once established the plant will grow like a weed and will be almost impossible to stop them growing. As the plant is the most vulnerable during its germination period we recommend, planting it in fertile soil with good drainage. (pH between 6-7). Planting field or area should be free of weeds. Plant in the Spring, when temperatures are not falling down to less than 5°C /41°F even in night. Place seed in soil around 0.5cm-1cm/0.2in-0.4in deep. Water the area or irrigate the field after planting the seeds.

After 3 days from planting, water penetrated seeds will emerge from soil. If there is very hot and dry summer irrigate the area once in a drought period of the summer of the first year. Plant prefers full sun and warm temperatures after establishing. It will adapt many areas (USDA zones 5-11). Roots are harvested 2-3 years later. Plant will re-grow and re-establish in the field from the root cuttings and rhizomes in soil.

This is simple and cost effective way of licorice seed germination and plant propagation for commercial or home use purposes. This method is alternative to propagation from roots or transplanting from cells associated with much higher production costs.

Based on tests and trials conducted by Geoherbs Ltd.